DEMOSOFC research is online

A new section focused on publications and research results is online browsing the blog. See the last news on the topic. Browse the link for further details:   

A scientific publication is available

The publication focusing on DEMOSOFC results is available browsing science direct. Read more on the DEMOSOFC Blog.

EUBCE Lisbon

DEMOSOFC researcher, Marta Gandiglio attended EUBCE, from 27 to 30 of May in Lisbon. Browse the blog for further details.  

Modeling, Design, Construction and Operation of Power Generators with Solid Oxide Fuel Cells

A new book by Jakub Kupecki edited by Springer is a broad scientific overview on SOFC power generators and hydrogen generated energy. On chapter 10 the book includes the presentation of DEMOSOFC technological paradigm as advanced evolution of the field. Authors of the section are Politecnico di Torino’ and DEMOSOFC’ researchers.: Marta Gandiglio, Andrea Lanzini and Massimo Santarelli.