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Viral Caffè on DEMOSOFC

The webzine Viral Caffè, focused on entrepreneurial innovation, has published a deep analysis on DEMOSOFC project. Read more browsing Viral Caffè website.

SMAU Innovation award to DEMOSOFC: the workshop is online

‪DemosofC‬ received the ‎Smau‬ Innovation Award 2016, during the “R&D for industrial development” workshop held at ‪‎SMAU‬ Torino on june 30th. Follow the entire workshop where ‪the project‬ has been awarded for its Innovation approach to energy and circular economy. Watch it again on Triwu the SMAU official webTV devoted to Innovation and R&D.

ASME Power&Energy Conference 2016

DEMOSOFC is part of Asme Power and Energy Conference and Exibition 2016. During the annual meeting promoted by the American Society of Mechanical Engineering, Marta Gandiglio, #DEMOSOFC research team member, discusses a paper written with Prof. Massimo Santarelli who’s heading the project, Andrea Lanzini,assistant professor, and Ali Saberi Mehr visiting student from university of Tabriz IRAN… Read more »

SMAU Innovation Award

DemosofC is part of SMAU Torino held in town from June 30th to July 1st 2016. Born in 1964, SMAU has been a benchmark of innovation for companies and public administrations for over 50 years. Since 2008 Smau organizes a series of local events throughout Italy’s main regions to promote a culture of innovation among businesses… Read more »

Press Release – DEMOSOFC – Demonstration of SOFCs at large scale

The project was launched in September 2015 and has the goal to build and operate the largest European biogas-fed SOFC industrial plant. Energy efficiency, renewable and carbon-neutral fuels, multi-generation and the minimization of air pollutants: these are the key topics that DEMOSOFC aims to answer by means of efficient, modular and flexible fuel cell technology,… Read more »

DEMOSFC M6 Meeting in Espoo – Finland

The M6 Meeting was held in Espoo, Finland on 9 and 10 March 2016. Two days of discussion on DEMOSOFC development, next steps and communication results. Follow us on Slideshare, Facebook and Twitter and take part to the discussion on Linkedin groups.

DEMOSOFC M6 Meeting in Finland

Held in Espoo, Finland, the M6 is a technical two days meeting where participants discusses about next steps of the incoming plant’s construction. The meeting is hosted by VTT, and organised by Convion on March 9-10, 2016. Read the agenda for further details. Enjoy the live event following DEMOSOFC on Twitter and Facebook.  

Meet DEMOSOFC partners: VTT and Convion

Researchers to demonstrate biogas fuel cell system in Italy, is the title published on BioMass Magazine where VTT and Convion introduce their point on view on project development. Discover the entire story reading the article.  

Meet DEMOSOFC partners: Imperial College

The Sustainable Gas Institute of Imperial College, one of DEMOSOFC partners, introduces the project with an interview to Sara Giarola, fellow of the Chemical Engineering Department of Imperial College London, which is one of the project partner with special reference to identification of exploitation strategies.