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SEAM Conference 2016 | Anaerobic digestion optimisation

Anaerobic digestion optimisation, is the topic discussed during the Seam Engineering conference 6th edition. #DEMOSOFC is one of the case studies presented during the one day conference, held in Lomazzo – Como Lake Region -, on October 28th 2016.  Read more browsing the conference’s website.  Discover the full schedule of the day, for further details. Share

DEMOSOFC at  the European Researcher’s Night 2016 ENG-ITA

Meet our technology on September 30th in Turin – Italy – A 3D model which aims to explain how you can generate energy from waste; hydrogen systems to show with a gaming approach how a fuel cell works in order to generate energy; tips and tricks to discover the secrets of the energy of the… Read more »

#CLoSER: European Research Night

Planned on September 30th, the european research night is an all night long popular science event devoted to explain, show and demonstrate science in any possible perspective, thank’s to researchers support. #DEMOSOFC is part of it with a demo of the plant and special hydrogen toys that will help to show how a waste to… Read more »

A new video is online

Enjoy DEMOSOFC with a new video presentation on how it works the technology and the process based on biogas and waste recovery into energy. Contenuto non disponibileConsenti i cookie cliccando su “Accetta” nel banner” Share

Meet DEMOSOFC Scientific Approach: SOFCs anode degradation…

“Solid oxide fuel cell anode degradation by the effect of siloxanes” Authors: Hossein Madi, Andrea Lanzini, Stefan Diethelm, Davide Papurello, Jan Van herle, Matteo Lualdi, Jørgen Gutzon Larsen, Massimo Santarelli. Journal of Power Sources 279, 1 April 2015 Read more on Science Direct.     Share